ethics and ecological luxury events

Client : A.D.R
Date : Dec. 2023


Strategy: Anne-Laure Davezac
Artistic Direction / Animation: Adrien Boutin
Graphics: Hugo Quentin
Photography: Thomas Couvreur
Voice-over: Ryan Highley
Music & Sound Design: Maximilien Maisonneuve


A.D.R is an event agency specializing in luxury and beauty brands. Mindful of climate concerns, the agency has developed a CSR charter, tools for carbon footprint calculations, complied with ISO standards, and implemented various sustainable initiatives (like establishing beehives, planting olive trees, etc.).

Currently, the agency aims to motivate its external collaborators to utilize these tools. Hence, our task was to craft an inspiring video to encourage a more sustainable approach.


Anne-Laure Davezac, the communications and strategy manager, reached out to us with a reference to Exadex and a scenario depicting a comparison between conscientious and unconscious events, with a bee as the central element. To meet deadlines and enhance authenticity, we chose the digital collage approach.

Staying true to the initial brief, we found a middle ground between explainer content and storytelling. An initial voice-over introduces the video, outlining A.D.R.’s approach, presenting the narrative while conveying essential information.

Artistic Direction and Production

We’ve structured the video into central sketches rather than utilizing full-frame landscapes. This deliberate choice allows for a focused approach, enhancing comprehension even without a voice-over.

The video unfolds in three parts: initially, portraying polluting events through accumulation, culminating in the compression of the environment.

Subsequently, it transitions to a more resilient approach, adjusting the framerate for fluidity while incorporating hands symbolizing employee’s positive modifications to the environment.

Finally, the last segment highlights three areas for improvement, including a more tangible representation with a character holding a set of specifications. This portrayal is striking, emphasizing the importance of asserting and promoting the adoption of new tools and methods in event design.


We enlisted Maximilien Maisonneuve from Soundstare for the audio segment. We used as a reference a Motion Design video that adjusted its music to the storyline, making it challenging to find suitable royalty-free music.

Our goal was to create an electronic soundtrack that captured the essence of luxurious events, gradually transitioning to calmer, more acoustic tones to mirror the resilient shift. From the initial version, the structure was approved, complemented by meticulously crafted and evocative sound design.


This project posed significant challenges with strict deadlines, requiring simultaneous work on all phases. Our team, experienced in handling such demands, meticulously adhered to the creative vision and produced detailed work.