Growth Lead’Hers

meet the women behind tech success

Client: ESSEC Business School
Date: March 2023


Illustration: Hugo Quentin
Animation: Adrien Boutin


The ESSEC Business School, under the impulse of Sarah Nokry and Eduardo Pereira, seeks to bring out strong female figures. They have therefore created Growth Lead’Hers which is a program to increase awareness of entrepreneurship and female leaderships. It consists of creating and publishing educational content on the theme of women who make innovative companies successful.

Our mission was to create the ident of these videos.

First leads

At the first exchange, a first idea came to light. These were testimonies of lives and destinies. So we started with what characterizes creation, namely the hand, with its lines of life that cross and rise, all on a blank sheet of paper to represent a story under construction.

After initial feedback, the idea of strong women was missing. So we adapted the concept with a woman’s face.

Break the rules

Not being totally convinced, we looked for other ways. We have to admit that as soon as we talk about new technologies, we go for pure and bright atmospheres. So we decided to go on an antinomic track and to go towards vintage, grunge: digital collage. To add modernity and a little more pop, we added flashy colors.

Declinations and variations

Finally for the animation, we made a set-up of torn paper animation, and made variations of colors according to the speakers.


It’s important to properly define a brief, and to know how to retropedalize when we see that a track doesn’t take, even if it’s graphically interesting. In the end, the digital collage gives a very singular atmosphere, on which we took a lot of pleasure to work, for a project which, we hope, will bear its fruits.