Minds on the move

Client: Brandie
Date: april 2021

Concept – Modeling – 3D Animation: Adrien Boutin
Project manager – Script: Cédric Fabre
2D Artistic Direction: Anne-Laure Limet
3D Artistic Direction – 3D Animation: Rémi Paoli
Music – Sound Design: Hervé Rakotofiringa


Logo MoOngy

Brandie, a communications agency based at Halle Tropisme, was tasked to help the HIQ group with its new brand identity. HIQ had several subsidiaries that had their own identities, and they decided to merge everything under a new name: Moongy.

Brandie handled the communication plan for the launch of the new brand, the presentation film of the new name and the project management for print, web and digital. They called on us to accompany them in an inspiring video tracing the group’s 15 years of existence, including their evolution, before ending with their values and future perspectives.


The logo is formed of multiple circles, a set of diversified entities within a common structure. We have taken this minimalist rendering in which simple shapes in a sequence of situations and perspectives image the speech.

This film is sequenced in 3 stages: the past, the present and the future of the company.

The first stage is located in a dark universe, in which the entity move forward alone. We wanted to give a feeling of oppression, with loss of reference points. The second stage is brighter and more animated, a breath of fresh air with more playful interactions. Finally, the last one, a conquering and grandiose future perspective with its thousands of particles.

StoryBoard Moongy


We wanted to be as minimalist as possible in the graphic approach. To illustrate this, during the opening, we wanted to mix 2 ideas: the start of an adventure and make a reference to the beginnings of the company in Lisbon. So we represented a sunrise on the Tage river, and created 2 lines of reflections that come together to build a bridge (reference to the 25th of April bridge). This type of reflections avoided us to realize illustrations too detailed, and to remain with the less forms by scenes.

The storyboard was very detailled to associate the work of the musician in the creative process. In the animation, there is a marked tempo in 120BPM. The whole structure of the animation is based on this tempo so that the musical progression can be done in all simplicity and react to the events that take place on the screen. This allowed us to work the whole thing in parallel.

Being on very pure forms, we had to compensate with grain and textures to give more character and authenticity. We also had to build a coherence between the 3 stages, going from a dark atmosphere to a bright one, or even going to an incalculable number of shapes on the particle trails.

Making Of

The result is a video that, even if it is in a very specific field, will be able to speak or reveal emotions to the greatest number of people.