Kitten discovery box

Client: Otaku
Date: Oct. 2023


Artistic Direction / Animation: Adrien Boutin
Modeling/ Texturing: Thibaut Perrin


Royal Canin launched a discovery box aimed at kitten and puppy owners. Our objective was to showcase the box’s contents within a 15-second format.

Concept and animatic

On Royal Canin packaging, a red wool thread is often incorporated to add playfulness and a touch of red. Initially, in our first animated sketch, we envisioned using it as a thread traversing through the various elements of the box. Finally, the thread remained static.

We also needed an idea to prompt interaction between the cat and the various elements: our concept involved the kitten pulling on the string, activating a pulley system to open the box.


We relied on Thibaut’s modeling to develop a highly precise box-opening mechanism. Concurrently, we created an in-house rig for the book to ensure a seamless animation that aligned with the original booklet design.

The major challenge lay in managing the limited stock of cat imagery in the 3D environment. Additionally, there was a substantial amount of information to convey within a brief timeframe. While the timing was extremely tight, the execution of camera movements and compositional work facilitated a smooth rendering.


While it may seem like a straightforward project, condensing such a wealth of information into a readable and visually appealing format demands meticulous adjustment of timing, down to the last frame.