A complete smart tracking system

Client: APE Editions
Date: april 2019

Scriptwriting – Animation: Adrien Boutin
Graphic Design: Anne-Laure Limet
Voice over: RPM Studio
Music : Dovetail


Spybox is an innovative product allowing to follow several shipments in real time, but not only their geo-localization: it can also follow the temperature variations, the shocks incurred, the accumulated humidity or simply capture if the package is lost or stolen, out of the pallet.

The goal was obviously to make all this understandable very quickly, in a playful way, while explaining precisely what the product really is. Spybox is made up of 2 elements: an RFID tag attached to the parcel, which captures the data, and the box which looks like a parcel (hence the name Spybox) which collects the data from the RFID tags on the pallet and transmits it in real time. 


We started with a classic storytelling scheme: statement of the problem, provision of a solution, explanation of the functionality and the various applications, and then the conclusion. Nevertheless, for the statement of the problem, the tempo is very fast: “The parcels can undergo shocks, temperature changes, humidity, losses or thefts”. At the client’s request, this sequence must also image the various modes of transport of a package (truck, boat) and start from the warehouse.

We therefore thought of very fast transitions to go from one scene to another to follow a box on its pallet in a journey full of obstacles.


The illustration style adopted is close to flat design. On the 1st scenes, we had to think about the connections between them. If we take the warehouse, the box that drives the conveyor belt becomes the truck cabin, the protection bar becomes the truck roof, the carpet becomes the base, etc. The diagram below shows the path to combine an impactful and functional design, which can evolve as the scenes change.

It may seem simple, but linking so much information in such a short time while remaining readable is complicated. It took a lot of trial and error to find the right rhythm, with more or less dynamic animations to draw the viewer’s eye to the right place.